If you’re thinking of buying an iPhone, you may want to know more about the new Apple iPhone 7 plus. There are several things to consider, including price, size, and storage capacity. Read on to find out what to look for! Listed below are some of the main benefits of this device. After you’ve reviewed them, you can make an informed decision. This article will also give you a brief comparison of the two models.


There are several hidden features on the Apple iPhone 7 plus that you’ll likely never use, but which can improve your life in many ways. They range from taking better pictures to sending more personalized messages to helping you find old photos. The new phone has 17 hidden features, including a slider to control zoom and an optional flashlight. The iPhone magnifier is great for reading small print and checking for splinters, as well as digging up old photos.

The iPhone 7 Plus’s camera is a bit better than the iPhone 7. It has a dual-lens camera with a 28mm wide-angle lens and a 56mm telephoto lens. The dual-lens camera allows for better optical zoom, and the camera even has a shallow-depth-of-field portrait mode that draws out the subject while blurring out the background. In addition, the phone has a 7-megapixel FaceTime HD camera with improved sensor technology and auto image stabilization.

There are also rumored cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus. The first is a single lens camera, while the second is a 12-megapixel telephoto lens. It uses a f/2.8 aperture and has a 10x optical zoom. The optical zoom works until two times, but isn’t quite as effective. In either case, the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus is capable of great pictures. So, you might want to get yourself one.

The iPhone 7 Plus is capable of being immersed in water for 30 minutes. Dust and moisture are also resistant to entering the housing. Its 5.5-inch display is a high-resolution IPS screen that supports 3D Touch. With a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and 401 ppi, the iPhone 7 Plus is an amazing display. It will impress anyone with its bright colors and sharp details. With all these features, it’s no wonder that it’s already outshining its competitors.


The new Apple iPhone 7 Plus is an excellent phone for a variety of reasons. The phone is water-resistant and has fingerprint recognition. The overall design is streamlined, but there is no major change in its core features. The phone weighs 188g less than its predecessor. It is a little thicker and heavier than the 6 Plus, but it’s still a fine phone. It comes with comparable features to other popular smartphones.

The iPhone 7 Plus starts at $769 for a 32GB model and goes up to $869 for a 256GB model. The price is dependent on storage capacity and carrier, but you can still find a great deal on a pre-owned unit for significantly less. Swappa offers great deals on new and used tech. With so many choices, you are bound to find a great deal. However, you should remember that these prices are likely to fluctuate. The iPhone 7 Plus comes in a range of colors, including a new all-black version, rose gold, silver, and gold.

The iPhone 7 Plus offers a big screen, great battery life, and an improved camera. The device is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower without worrying about a leaky phone. There are no 3.5mm jacks on the iPhone 7 Plus, but you can use Apple AirPods to solve the headphone holder issue. The iPhone 7 Plus has an enhanced camera, and it’s more powerful than ever.

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus features a powerful fingerprint sensor in the home button. Apple Pay makes it easy to pay bills on the go, and it has a large 2900 mAh battery. This is a big deal for a phone that has so many great features. It also features a super-sized 5.5-inch screen and a long-lasting battery life. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus costs $749 at best online stores and retail outlets.


Compared to the iPhone 6, the iPhone 7 Plus is a slightly larger device. It weighs 188g less than the 6S Plus, but measures the same size. The rounded corners and aluminum frame provide a sleek, minimalist design. Apple also offers a special edition red version of the iPhone 7 Plus in partnership with the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS and build a world without AIDS. The device is currently only available from Apple directly.

Both the iPhone 7 Plus are 5.5 inches in size. The iPhone 7 Plus offers a water-resistant design, but does not have a headphone jack. These features make the iPhone 7 Plus one of the cheapest large-screen iPhones available. Despite its lack of features, the iPhone 7 Plus remains a popular choice even after the iPhone 8 Plus launched. This review will cover the differences between the two phones, which are available at Apple, major retailers, and mobile carriers.

The screen size of the iPhone 7 Plus is 5.5 inches. The pixel density is 401 PPI. The screen resolution of the iPhone 7 Plus is the same as the 6S Plus. However, the iPhone 7 Plus has a slightly higher resolution than the iPhone 7.

Both the iPhone 7 Plus have similar design features, although the iPhone 7 Plus has a bigger screen and two cameras on the rear. Despite its larger size, both models are IP67-resistant. Apple also added stereo speakers and an improved camera. The cameras on both models are 12MP with f/1.8 lenses, which approximate a full-frame focal length of 28mm. Despite the difference in resolution, both phones are light enough to hold in the palm of the hand.

Storage capacity

The 32GB storage capacity is ample enough to stream and download most content. You can also download music, videos, and movies. Thanks to new technologies, you can thin out apps and games to save space and prevent unnecessary downloads. But what if you want to download more than this? If you’re not sure how much storage you’ll need, you can always upgrade to a larger storage capacity. But how much should you really upgrade?

The first step towards upgrading your storage capacity is to look for a smartphone with larger internal memory. The larger the storage, the more expensive it is. But do not get too excited if you think you’ll only need a few gigs of storage. Higher storage capacity isn’t necessarily better. It might not be enough for all your applications. Then again, a higher storage capacity isn’t a guarantee that it will run at its optimal performance.

To check the storage capacity of your iPhone, you should turn it on. To do this, you need to open the iTunes application and connect your iPhone to your computer. The iTunes window will then display information about your storage usage by content type. If you don’t see any information, you can mouse over the individual files to reveal more details. Usually, the iPhone displays temporary files as Other files. These will be deleted once your device needs more space.

Similarly, the 32GB iPhone is ideal for first-time iPhone owners. However, experienced iPhone users should skip this model. Compared to the cheapest iPhone, the 256GB model has eight times the storage capacity of the 32GB model. It’s not possible to download all your music, photos, and videos from a 32GB iPhone. And if you don’t want to delete those, you can always move to the higher capacity model.

Battery life

The battery life of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus can be affected by several factors. For one, upgrading to iOS 12 can cause the battery life to be shortened. Some users have reported experiencing a sharp decrease in their iPhone’s battery life after updating to the new operating system. This article will discuss some of the ways to improve battery life. Here are a few of them. Check the Battery Health screen on your iPhone to see if this is the issue.

While Apple has been reluctant to bring fast charging to the iPhone 7 Plus, OnePlus 3 and Samsung Galaxy S7 feature a quick charge in about an hour. The iPhone 7 Plus takes more than two hours to fully charge from zero, and it only gets about 56% back after an hour. However, if you’re only using your phone for casual browsing and social media, you may want to consider a different model.

The iPhone 7 Plus’ battery is a non-removable Li-Po 2,900 mAh battery. It is 5.5% beefier than the iPhone 6s Plus’ battery, and is similar in size to the battery of the iPhone 6s Plus. The iPhone 7 Plus also boasts a new A10 Fusion processor, which should help it last longer. The iPhone 7 Plus’ battery life isn’t as great as that of some Android high-end flagships, but it is certainly better than many flagship smartphones. With the iOS 10 operating system, the battery life of the iPhone 7 Plus is better than most Android phones.

If you’re worried about the battery life of the iPhone 7 Plus, try updating to the latest version of iOS. The battery life should improve after the update, and your phone should work as intended. If it still doesn’t, don’t hesitate to contact Apple Support or your carrier. Apple will fix the problem once the issue is common. The battery performance of the iPhone 7 Plus is a big factor in its overall performance.