Arc is a
catalyst for
outlier founders.
Learn Company Design, Sequoia’s way to start, build and scale enduring companies. Meet fellow founders, experienced operators and an exceptional community who will help elevate your game. Establish company foundations that will compound in value over time and bend the arc of your company’s trajectory. See what it takes to build a company for the next decade, not just the quarter.

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7 weeks of foundational curriculum designed to catalyze your business.
In Person


What makes an outlier?
Immerse yourself in the mindsets of those who dare to build legendary companies. Uncover your own motivations and the scale of your ambition.



Who are you building for?
See how customer obsession is the underlying foundation of all great companies. Learn how to deepen your understanding of your own customer.



How do you build great products?
Learn how to set a product mission that transforms your customers’ lives and establish the right metrics, strategy and tactics to build winning products with speed.

In Person

Sales & Marketing

How are you different, not merely better?
Learn how to position your product to break through the noise and the fundamentals of brand, sales and marketing.



How do you work?
Understand how culture is set and how to leverage it to create an operating advantage.



How do you create enduring value?
Learn financial and market fundamentals and how valuations get determined from start to scale.

In Person


How will you be a magnet?
Learn how to inspire others to your vision. Share your final presentations with a community of partners, founders, customers and talent ready to help.



What fellow Arc founders have to say
Doug Schuessler
co-founder and CEO of Safara
Former CRO at Resy → Acquired by AmEx. Previously led GTM at Square. Now upending travel with Safara.

“Arc was a step-function change in our company’s trajectory. The emphasis on ‘different, not merely better’ helped us improve how we think about every aspect of the product and customer experience.”

Madeleine Debney
co-founder and COO of Otto
INSEAD MBA. Ex-Fidelity and BCG.
Now transforming financial health with Otto.

“Becoming part of the Arc family is a pivotal moment for any founder. It’s not just access to the collective wisdom of the Sequoia team, but it’s kinship, support and one of a kind friendships from an exceptional peer group as well.”

Youssef Ahres
co-founder and CEO of FlagshIP
Ex-Director of Data Science at Instagram.
Now empowering creators everywhere with Flagship.

“As founders, it’s easy to get pulled in the day to day and try to just get the next thing done. Arc taught me that, sometimes, we need to take a step back to leap forward. We should not mistake motion for progress.”

Anant Kapoor
Co-founder and CEO OF Guided Energy
Building the smart energy platform to power electric fleets efficiently, continuing his mission to mitigate the risk of climate change.

“Arc has been transformational. It’s helped us set ambitions for everything we’re doing, across every function of the company. And being surrounded by the other members of our cohort, who are also doing that kind of level-setting—it just pulls everybody up.”


  • 01/
    Who should apply to Arc?
    This company building program is for pre-seed and seed-stage founders actively working on an idea, product and company. You can come to us with an idea and no lines of code or just an MVP site. Arc alumni come from a variety of backgrounds: some are first or second-time founders, while others have helped scale top tech companies. For a glimpse into previous cohorts, click here and here.
  • 02/
    What is Company Design?
    Company Design is the Sequoia way to start, build and scale enduring companies. It is an ongoing process rooted in evergreen foundations, an outlier mindset and a powerful community advantage discerned from fifty years of working with legendary companies from idea to IPO and beyond. The value of establishing these principles early compounds over time and can meaningfully bend the arc of a company’s trajectory. We teach these principles to Sequoia founders and, now, in Arc.
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    When does Arc take place?
    Arc America Fall ’23 will run from September 18th - November 1st. We will host another Arc Europe in 2024.
  • 04/
    Is Arc in person?
    The first and last week of the program, along with a mid-program field trip, will be in person. The remaining weeks will be held remotely via Zoom.
  • 05/
    Is travel required?
    Yes. For Arc America Fall ’23, expect to spend the first week in New York City, the fourth week in Los Angeles, and the last week in the Bay Area.
  • 06/
    What is the weekly schedule?
    Expect to commit 8 hours a week to this program.
  • 07/
    How many companies are in the program?
    Each Arc cohort will consist of ~10-15 companies. All co-founders of a company are strongly encouraged to attend.
  • 08/
    What are the terms?
    To accommodate companies earlier in their journeys, Arc investments will range from $500K - $1M.

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